Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Favorite Thing Day 9: Finding One's Destiny

As a young child I despised my mother every time she would tell me to 'read.' And the modest rebel in me, I never followed through- somehow I would always slip by- but looking back I wish I actually picked up several books. Now, I have been making up lost time in my book reading and every moment I get I open up something to read, whether it be a physical book (usually from a library- one of my favorite pastimes), opening the Kindle app on my iPhone app, or also using my iPad for any sort of portable reading material. A book that I can find myself reading over and over again is today's favorite things: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Sometimes when I'm down and out about something in life, its usually this book that I resort to to remind me of my purpose in life. It's an awesome short and easy read that can take you to different level of thinking, reminding oneself of what hard work and perseverance can do to one's destiny. Have you read this book? If not, happy reading!

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