Monday, February 3, 2014

Favorite Thing Day 3: Wish Listing

My efforts to share my favorite things with YOU is really to hopefully open some avenues for YOU just as some of these things have done for myself and/or bring to light services that have made a difference in my life. A co-worker of mine brought today's favorite thing to my attention and I'm not sure why I never knew about this before but when I did it was like a fat kid with a fat cake in front of him/herself. I was amazed with Amazon's Wish List because unlike other wish lists that are limited to the company's items, Amazon has broadened the consumer's wish list options to items outside of their shopping options. It is such a great way to organize one's list as well as grant other's access to see what you really want for yourself but rather postpone buying options. To top it off, they have provided the option to keep a list private, provide the wish lister to limit viewing to certain persons, and/or make it accessible for public viewing by ANYONE. They have definitely thought out this service thoroughly and it's just one of those things that keeps me believing in their services. I haven't updated my wish list but you can view it if you feel compelled to! Thanks for visiting and keeping up with my posts, please do share any of your favorite things with me!

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