Monday, February 3, 2014

Favorite Thing Day 4: "Better style comes through better care."

"Better style comes through better care." Say's Dove about their re-invention of their hair- care products. I never cared for Dove products until I noticed their new style and their added product of "Whipped Cream Mousse." I thought to myself, "whipped cream mousse" isn't that what mousse is already?! Well, nonetheless, I still gave it a try and now I can't live without it!
Mousse products that I have experience with have either left my hair dry- sucking the moisture out of my hair- and/or feeling sticky every time I touch my hair (which only made me feel like it attracted more dirt and goo to and around my face, GROSS!!!). My goal has been to wear my hair naturally more often and with this item I have been able to accentuate my natural waves and minimal curls without damaging it. It is super light weight- doesn't weigh down my curls, accentuates my hair's natural shine and isn't greasy to the touch. If you use mousse, I highly suggest this product- it's a hair- changer!!

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