Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorite Thing Day 7: Mineral Mist

I apologize this is a little late for the day, but I didn't forget!! 

I can't recall how I came across today's Favorite Thing, but the Revitalizing Mineral Mist by E.L.F. Cosmetics is a beauty weapon AND must- have of mine! 

Because of the contents/ ingredients of this product I put it to use when I notice my face/ skin needs a boost, when I need my make-up to settle (faster), or when I notice my skin is drying out. Check out this video E.L.F. made here: 

To top it off, it is out of this world affordable! For a product with natural ingredients (no chemicals/ additives) it's amazing they offer it at such an affordable price- find something comparable or even a product which attempts to do the same (*cough*cough* MAC Cosmetics or even the Evian Spray*cough*cough*), one can't deny it is THE best bang for one's buckaroo!!

Almost anywhere I go, especially a major traveling trip or weekend getaway, one can count on me with having this spectacular product. However, I've attempted to carry it with me in my everyday purse, however, unfortunately, it can weigh my purse down and they don't come in a  smaller/ traveling size.

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