Thursday, February 6, 2014

Favorite Thing Day 6: Presse Française

To some of my local friends this post shouldn't be a surprise. It has been brought to my attention how the plunger pot actually works and since then- I can not appreciate a cup o' joe otherwise (for my grammar-nazis, yes I just did a double negative in my is MY blog!!! Teeheehee). In the States I used to prefer the easy way out and go through a local drive-thru for my caffeine kick, but now you can find me dumping grinds and hot water into a full immersion for the full body experience for my coffee fix. As intimidating as the contraption looks, it is actually rather simple. Below you can find a simple guide for the coffee press: 

One of the great things about this addition in the kitchen is how much of a conversation piece it has become and just how much conversation can happen over a brewing pot. Come over for a visit before 1400 on a given day (if I'm not working) and guaranteed I'll be plunging some caffeine for you! (Why visit BEFORE 1400?! I try my best to avoid having caffeine after 1400). 

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