Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Favorite Thing Day 5: Japan Technology

One of the respectable features about a person is when one reaches out and gambles on friendship. After moving to Japan, a wonderful woman reached out to me- despite her juggle of family and work, she truly made an effort to juggle ME into her schedule incorporating me in any adventurous outing she did with her family or simply had some down time but created an adventure so that I can begin to explore the Northern region of Japan. On a down day for both of us, she took me to a store called Uniqlo (pronounced yoo-neek-low or as natives would pronounce it, yoo-neek-a-roh, teeeheee). Uniqlo has a unique, casual style created for a budget. Ironically, shortly after my first visit, TIME magazine featured Uniqlo as their cover story in May 2013 featuring their popularized down- comfort jackets/ vests!
The featured article sealed the love I have for this store but more inspiring is what the founder, Tadashi Yanai of Uniqlo had to say about expanding Uniqlo worldwide, read it here! A strategic move for Uniqlo is how they are able to cater to their regional consumers. For example, I recently made a trip to the Philippines and visited a local mall, coincidentally finding a Uniqlo store there (I was rather disappointed because I had some gifts to family from that store, only to find out, they had their own Uniqlo store). Of course with Philippines very close to the equator with warm temperatures, their store featured clothes to cater to such weather conditions. But here in Northern Japan, where there are four seasons, the Uniqlo stores are ever- changing, every season- something fun for a newly- four- seasoned shopper like myself! This winter I had discovered Uniqlo's very own development of HEATTECH. See below for its' fabrication details:
This product is no joke and at reasonable prices, there is no denying Uniqlo has great things coming to them! Kampai Yanai- San, I look forward to the new standard in casual clothing you have to offer!

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