Sunday, February 9, 2014

Favorite Thing Day 8: Face Rejuvenator

I know...... I missed this whole weekend but I figure I give myself a break from it, so I shall resume from where I left off: 

A few posts and months ago I wrote about my subscription with Birchbox. When I first subscribed with them, I thought about how one day they will eventually come short of products or even run out of material- but then again how creative have magazines become with their years and years of existence- so until then I'll be keeping my subscription. A few months ago they presented me with today's favorite things: 

I didn't think exfoliators could get so complex until this arrived in my mailbox. 

I have never felt my skin/ face so rejuvenated and even lasted for more than a day. This product did it's job without drying my face p out. There's not much more I can say about this product, you just have to give it a go for yourself. Happy brightening out! 

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