Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So much has changed since I last posted...

Where am I at in life now (physically and mentally)?

Well physically I am officially BACK in sunny San Diego. And I'm not sure why I left, but then again, I have come to appreciate this city more since I left and experienced other things.

In fall of 2003, I left my suburban town for college and began to work thereafter. I lived in the greater Los Angeles area and had multiple jobs within Los Angeles County. I lived a fast-paced lifestyle. If you ever heard of the saying, "work- hard to play- harder," well I'd have to say that my life was the epitome of that saying. Always on- the- go, always had plans, one after another, it was never- ending. Then I had an opportunity to indulge myself in an entrepreneurship role which I completely threw myself into. My mentality with this NEW business venture was going to be MY big break. As some time has passed I realized that my work- ENVIRONMENT was NOT the healthiest. (For the record, I thought this was a 'normal' habitat for a 'young entrepreneur' as myself, but after some time evaluating myself and ultimately speaking to my mentors about my situation, I began to understand that it was an abnormal situation). So as soon as I figured as much, I put in a 30- day notification to the Owner and slowly slipped out the back door.

I officially left LA in February of this year and I am NOW settled in San Diego. I moved back here with not too much of my near future planned. But I knew that right now, at this time in my life, I was meant to be here, to be back at home entertaining my parents and family here. I've been doing some volunteer work to occupy my time with and literally settling back (I haven't been home in almost 8 years, my bedroom was like a 8 year olds- but it is completely transformed and to my liking- there's also been a lot of construction going on at my house so I've been helping my parents with that).

So with a lot of time for self- reflection and re- evaluations I've come to a few conclusions:

1. The rockstar lifestyle I lived while away at college and building my resume can only last for so long. Since I've moved back I have been reminded of the importance of 'stopping to smell the roses.'

2. With recent family affairs and global events (i.e. deaths, Tsunami, etc.) I have been reminded of the true meaning of FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Since I moved away after college I didn't know when/ how I would find myself under the same roof as my parents and that thought would pass my mind repeatedly because then that would mean only 18 years of being together, which merely wasn't enough. And now that I'm back I am so grateful to spend time with my parents when the opportunity arises because the older I get, the more I realize the love parents have for children and how much of a difference it makes to have family (my #1 supporters) around. (This doesn't mean that I'll be in San Diego forever, but it does mean that I can not think of a better time to be back at home).

So, now, what's next? This...

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