Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Can't get enough of it"

I am an email subscriber to Hugh and although I am unable to afford his artwork nor am I an art collector, BUT I sure am a fan of his. His work truly expresses who I am- a reflection of how I feel about what I do for a living and simply my outlook on life. (And for the record, through some of his art work, he has shown his passion for love and the reason for religion).

His art work is always accompanied with a caption- and under this one it read:

"There's many ways to measure success. But how often one feels inspired, I think, is about a good a metric as any. Inspiration is totally addictive. I can't get enough of it. You?"

That sealed the deal and hit home for me! Whether its unconscious or not, I am constantly looking around for inspiration and I like to surround myself with positive energy and with Hugh's art work I always feel a connection with someone ALL THE TIME LOL. (I don't know him personally, nor have I seen him in person, but how I would love to sit down for a whole day with this man!).

Anyways, if any of you follow me on Twitter, I'm really on there to stay in touch with the world and tweets are quick, straight to the point info. But most of all, the tweets that I am attracted to are the ones that give so much (DAILY) inspiration. Along with Hugh I love Alyssa Milano, Tyrese, and The Daily Love ONLY to name a few!

Thank you Hugh, because I can die happy person!

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