Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-year Resolution

Okay, 6 months of the year has passed and I have failed to update this blog on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, I love writing (especially about nonsense) but I am particular about what I make public. So, yes I do have different means of expressing myself, but unfortunately, it's not always on here. (Sidenote: There is just something about writing with a pen and paper that is so personal and fulfilling, unlike keyboards and consistent letters on the computer screen- there's just so much character in handwritten work. When I look back at things, some things on the computer just doesn't give enough personality).

Anyways, what can I say about what I've been up to... hmm a lot has happened and I wish I could update you with pictures but my external hard drive (aka my picture album) is not currently accessible. BUT I have literally been a passion-a-holic. I am working hard to play harder!

Lately, I have been on a rampage to surround myself with optimism, inspiration, and passion, especially for the future. I believe that the future holds so much, more so now with the economy in its current state (which I hate to say/ hear because I don't think its an excuse- but because of lack of better 'descriptive' words, it is what it is). I truly believe that we're in a state/generation of self- evaluation, self- motivation, and self- worth. The more we output, the greater results will follow. With that said, I have learned a lot about myself these past 2 years than I can say about my teens or college years, etc.

I truly believe that high school and college were my years of development and I have just now begun to live my life- I am learning the capabilities and limits of myself and what the world holds, and finally utilizing the resources around me and OWNING what I do- it's SO fulfilling!

Don't get me wrong..behind the scenes isn't always pretty... but the true test in all of this is how I balance everything. Because I feel that lately I have had an imbalance of investments (emotionally, financially, physically, everything). I feel as if I am investing TOO much in my passions and others are at stake. But in truth I feel that truth will find itself in the future. Truth in friendships, love, life, friends, family, etc. will all find a place in my life and as long as I do my part, I just trust that everything else will work out.

Ultimately, I came back to my blog because I truly want to keep this in routine because I feel like everything will only get crazier in my life and I truly want all of you (although only few read this) to be in the know...afterall I do want to share with all of you how I LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE my way through my days, weeks, and/or years of my life!

Until next time....

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