Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Use ME! USE ME! use Me!

I know it's been a while, but it's because I've been wanting to write long blogs lately, but I've thought of something short and sweet and hopefully it appeals to you!

So lately I've been pondering some of my strengths and weaknesses and ONE of the many strengths that I do have :P is that I know that I am very well organized and I LOVE helping others and in ALL HONESTY I like being used! It makes me feel like I am living with a purpose and most times I won't need anything back! :)

What should I mean by this?

Well some of my closest friends will know that I LOOOOOVE planning events- from vacations to birthday events or even from gathering friends for an evening or just a guestlist party for Vegas- even though I may not have any specialized training in this field, I use my resources to it's fullest and dedicate my amateurish ways with the ability to ALWAYS learn from the past experience (all the while keeping YOUR NEEDS in mind), hence, building up my 'resumexperience' in this field. I do hope one day to become a professional planner and/or organizer but in the mean time I want to keep this as a hobby (if I may call it that).

So if y'all have been keeping up with me, I have all my contact information available EVERYWHERE so use it! I will do my best to accommodate your needs if you have no other resources! I will help YOU out, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, brother-in-law's friends' friend.. you get the idea. I just want to help you out...so give me a challenge...I've worked most things out in Europe, in Hawaii, in Japan, MOST friends' Vegas trips, hotel/ resort deals, gueslists...just give me a holler and I'll let you know if it's in MY POWER to do so, if not please DO NOT get dissappointed with me, I could get busy every so often!

Oh and by the way, I also have referrals too. So if you're interested in a trainer or some information on hotspots in certain areas...just come to me and USE ME!!! :)

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  1. somehow..while reading this title..i couldnt help but think of that justin bieber song on the radio...baby baby baby...haha...but instead...use me use me use me...yes homo...but yes hilarious as well...haha...