Friday, January 31, 2014

Favorite Thing Day 1: Eyes Wide Open

This 'Favorite Things' challenge to myself is to get myself to share more through my blog and by doing it this way, at least I'm forced to get into the habit of posting something on a normal basis, just as I have been wanting to. And like most blogs, just an extension of myself for hopefully people to relate to. Today's favorite thing is one item that I absolutely need for a mood booster, with one swipe of this item on my eyes, I feel more alive! I do think it is a miracle product because I don't need to re-apply (which even if I needed to, I usually NEVER re-apply) and with my 'Asian' eyes I do feel they make my eyes look more open. Without further ado, here is the ONE item one can ALWAYS find in my make- up bag:
The photo should speak for itself, but just in case you'd like to order, click on the link: MAC Liquidlast Eye Liner Feel free to ask me questions about my use of this product but more importantly, please share the one item that is in YOUR make- up bag that you can not live without, because I love playing with new make- up!


  1. Could you please blog more about your life in Japan? You know I miss Japan so hearing it especially living on another base other than Yoko is pretty exciting! Thanks your ever so loving God Sister!

    1. I'm trying my dearest God Sister! This is a start, really, inspired by you!!! ;)